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WSC 2007 Commentary: Round 1

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The tournament started on time at 8:00 with brief announcements and the usual question period on the tournament rules. The latter ran a little longer than usual because of the adoption of WESPA's new rules, but games began at 8:15.

This round's game at Board 1 features Adam Logan (Wsc) and Daniel Pratt (USA), annotated by Liz Fagerlund and Barry Harridge.

We started with not too many technical glitches. The worst headaches were that a technician had borrowed the electrical supply for Table 1 and wouldn't give it back (always tape these down); and the WiFi accounts had been cancelled, but the WiFi staff did their usual speedy job.

The webcam is up and running at .

First results are in, as of 8:55. Jeff Grant (NZL) beat Francis Wachira (KEN) 526-319.

9:10 WiFi off

9:15 WiFi on

9:20 last results in

9:23 pairings posted