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WSC 2007 Commentary: Round 13

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13:25 Play begins early as the players were all very well fed again by the hotel banqueting staff, and most were sitting waiting to play ten minutes early. This round sees Wellington Jighere (NGA) and Akshay Bhandarkar (ARE) at Board 1. Last round's upset win of Hubert Wee (SGP) over Nigel Richards (NZL) leaves Jighere followed by Nigel at 10-2, then Hubert, Joel Wapnick (CAN), Akshay Bhandarkar (ARE), Edward Okulicz (AUS) and Rod MacNeil (USA) at 9-3.

13:58 First result: Lynne Butler (NZL) beats Dennis Ikekeregor (NGA) 493-328.

A runner points out that Panupol played AEIRTV? to an -A, see photo.

Wilma points out that Chris May went out with STAPPLE, thinking it was a comical misspelling of STAPLE, and was delighted but astonished to learn that it was acceptable. (It's actually a variant spelling of STOPPLE.)