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WSC 2007 Commentary: Round 6

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13:40 Round 6 begins. Edward Okulicz (AUS) plays Gerald Carter (THA) at Board 1. The only other undefeated player is Nigel Richards (NZL), who is playing Suanne Ong (MYS) at Board 2.

Players are getting a little tired, with more incidents of overdrawing, and one incident where a player accidentally knocked almost all of his tiles off his rack and into his lap, under the table and possibly into an open knapsack.

15:13 First results: Suanne Ong (MYS) beats Nigel Richards (NZL) 517-408.

Howard Warner (NZL) beats Evan Berofsky (CAN) 694-372 (see photo), with FIBERIZE (triple-triple) contributing a large portion of the spread. Warner was seen wandering in a daze afterward looking for a camera; Berofsky was in a worse state, refusing offers of chocolate.

15:40 Last results: Ron Hoekstra (CAN) beat Trevor Mark Hovelmeier (ZAF) 403-392.

15:49 On the recount, Hoekstra lost to Hovelmeier 404-403.