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WSC 2009 Commentary: Round 15

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David Boys (CAN), who had been aiming to beat Matt Graham's astonishing 13-game winning streak at the 1997 Worlds, fell one game short of matching the record, as he lost to Pakorn Nemitrmansuk (THA) 412-369 at Board 1. That's eight wins in a row for Pakorn. The loss drops David to second place, 124 spread points behind Dave Wiegand (USA), who beat Naween Fernando (AUS) 478-315, ending Naween's own 7-game winning streak.

David Eldar (AUS) joins the 600 club, with a 622-400 win over Mark Kenas (USA).

In the team standings, which have been newly revised to include mean winning percent, Thailand has moved up to first place, with 65%. The one-man Indian team of Sherwin Rodrigues (IND) is the only other country with a 60% record: he's 9-6.

One more game to go before we break for dinner at Salt and Pepper.