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WSC 2009 Commentary: Round 24

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In this final round, the top flight is restricted to four, although fifth-place David Boys (CAN) has a remote chance.

First-place Nigel Richards (Wsc) plays third-place Dave Wiegand (USA) at board 1, not fourth-place Komol Panyasophonlert (THA), because otherwise Wiegand would have to have a third game with Pakorn Nemitrmansuk (THA), not that they would mind.

As with last round, board 2 is being annotated as well, and will go up on the website when I have time to enter it later this evening. That's at Pakorn's request, as he wanted everyone to see that Komol isn't pulling any punches to let his countryman Pakorn make it to the finals.

Of the top three (that's Nigel, Pakorn and Dave Wiegand), anyone who wins is in the finals. Komol needs to win and have Nigel beat Dave. Dave B needs to have Nigel beat Dave W, and also outspread (it's acceptable, I checked) Komol by 319 points.

So how did it play out? Wiegand opened an early lead with the spectacular WAyGOOSE (74), Nigel caught up with the nine-letter ONRUSHING (101) followed immediately by SIDERITE (68). Dave came back with REPEALER (72) to regain a two-point lead, followed with FORWHY to widen the gap, drew the other blank but couldn't bingo with it and got stuck with difficult tiles while Nigel went out in two to win 442-421.

Pakorn beat Komol 461-302; Dave Boys lost to Marut 458-398.

So it's Nigel and Pakorn in the best of five finals tomorrow. Please follow the continuing live coverage tomorrow.