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WSC 2009 Commentary: Round 11

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For the second round in a row, two-time U.S. champion Dave Wiegand (USA) is first to turn in his slip, a 473-276 win over Martin Harrison (Eng) putting Dave at least temporarily in first place. This Dave looks like he's having fun too. Dave has had a good morning, winning all three games so far by more than 100 points and is 3-0 +521 for the day.

David Boys (CAN) beat Geoff Thevenot (USA) 378-353 and is in second place. Also at 9-2 are Paul Allan (Eng), Nick Ball (USA) and Wellington Jighere (NGA).

Jighere played Andrew Fisher (AUS) to a 483-452 win at Board 1 this round.

The answer to last round's puzzler about Harshan's game is that he played off BOA making OP and AI and successfully fished one of the two Ws (a blank would have done too) to extend DATA to VIEWDATA for 57 points.