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WSC 2009 Commentary: Round 9

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The first round of the day started with very little delay, and what delay there was was due mainly to network setup time on my part. It's great to be working with a wired down network rather than WiFi, but everything still needs to be plugged in, cables need replacing as people accidentally rip them out of their sockets, and network routing software needs careful configuration at the beginning of each day. Not to mention Windows machines that waste precious bandwidth downloading unnecessary updates, then won't take no for an answer about installing them. But enough of what I find exciting about running tournaments, on to the games themselves.

The man in the hat, Wellington Jighere (NGA), has been dethroned, losing to past World Champion David Boys (CAN) 419-401 at Board 1. It was a close game, with one blank and two bingoes apiece, and exciting to follow online. Andrew Fisher (AUS) beats Paul Allan (Eng) and climbs to first place for the first time, at 8-1 +641, just 36 points ahead of Jighere.

They are followed by 9 players at 7-2. Next round, Fisher plays David Boys (CAN) and Jighere plays Paul Allan (Eng), any one of whom could end up on top after Round 10.

Lewis Mackay (Eng) played an interesting game against Nathan Benedict (USA), with a final score of 500-498. They've given me their racks, so I'll be posting this game, most likely over the lunch break. The game has set the record so far for high loss.