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WSC 2009 Commentary: Round 7

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Wellington Jighere (NGA) beat Jim Kramer (USA) 348-329 and is now the only undefeated player; Geoff Thevenot (USA) lost 387-423 to Panupol Sujjayakorn (THA) and they are both now among the eight players at 6-1.

Three of those eight are Americans, and Team U.S.A. is now the top-ranked multiplayer team, with an impressive 65.3% average. All but one of their players are in the top half, and eight of their 14 players are in the top quarter.

Just behind them are the English, at 65%, followed by the Nigerians at 64%.

In the lead though is the defending Champion "team", at 5-2. I joked to Philip Nelkon that if the Champion and Runner-up together place among the top half of the field, we should apply the formula for expanding national quotas and give a bye to the third place finisher. Sadly, last year's runner-up, Ganesh Asirvatham, withdrew from the event on Monday, so the suggestion is moot.

Congratulations to Anthony Gomes (QAT) on winning his first game of the day; all players have now won at least one game.

In the game of the round, Jighere beat Jim 348-329 when Jim made a pretty nine-letter bingo to pull ahead by 28 points, which wasn't enough when he drew heavy tiles while Jighere played out in two using the Q and a bunch of one-pointers for a total of 64 points.