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WSC 2009 Commentary: Round 6

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Cool words seen on challenge slips this round: TWIGLOOS MUHLY PEMBINA GREGATIM PRAWNER BUTCHEST.

Bad news this round: a player tripped over a cable near my desk, destroying it, sending the Ethernet hub flying, and ripping one cable out of the MacBook Pro that I held onto for dear life. Total damage: ten minutes of live game outage and one dead Ethernet cable.

Good news this round: the USB cable arrived, so I can finally start uploading photos!

Geoff Thevenot (USA) and Wellington Jighere (NGA) traded opponents, this time beating David Eldar (AUS) and Willy Mwangi (KEN) respectively 474-378 and and 511-280, remaining undefeated ahead of 11 players at 5-1.

1397-rated Warodom Geamsakul (JPN) beat 1898-rated Rik Kennedy (NIr) 427-417 this round, the greatest rating difference so far in such an upset.

The Board 1 game between Thevenot and Eldar was close for the first three turns each, after which Thevenot bingoed consecutively with RELATOR, LANGUED and PANTONS to open up an insurmountable lead.