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WSC 2009 Commentary: Round 12

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It's Dave Wiegand (USA) vs. David Boys (CAN) at Board 1. Boys begins with a blank and junk, fishes, and Wiegand replies with a natural seven. Boys now has the other blank and bingoes back to catch up. Wiegand makes three 30-point plays, but in a rare lapse has the third one challenged off. Boys fishes for three turns to draw AEELMNT and plays the CSW-only anagram. After Wiegand's reply, Boys is up 212-182. Can Boys keep his leave? What happens when Wiegand bingoes out? See the game online.

So at halftime, it's past and possibly future World Champion Boys with a one-game lead over the field, 10-2 +839. In second place, defending champion Nigel Richards (Wsc) leads nine players at 9-3: Wiegand, Andrew Fisher (AUS), Komol Panyasophonlert (THA), Paul Allan (Eng), Nathan Benedict (USA), Jason Katz-Brown (USA), Wellington Jighere (NGA) and Nick Ball (USA).

It's lunchtime, served today at Lotus, the Hotel's Chinese restaurant.